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Early Diagnosis and Management of Alzheimer's Disease

Recognizing and Treating Alzheimer’s Disease Moving Towards Early Diagnosis and Disease Management- Describe the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and the roles of clinical assessment and biomarkers in the workup of cognitive impairment Recognize the importance of early diagnosis, and identify challenges in obtaining an early and accurate diagnosis of AD versus other causes of cognitive impairment Utilize diagnostic algorithms and tools to assist in the detection of cognitive impairment, and discuss their use in the clinic Review current treatment approaches and investigational therapies for the early stages of AD, their mechanisms of action and clinical updates Discuss the individualization of AD management based on stage, comorbidities, the presence and type of additional symptoms, and other patient-related factors Develop strategies for improving communication with patients with early AD and their caregivers and for referring their families to local and national support structures

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Expires 12/9/17

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3.0 Free CEUs- Multiple Sclerosis: Advanced Practice Modules

NPWT Advanced Practice Modules in Multiple Sclerosis- Describe key advances in research on MS immunopathogenesis to explain the rationale for new and emerging disease-modifying therapies. Incorporate requisite knowledge and competencies for making accurate differential diagnoses of MS. Assess the utility of MRI metrics in MS prognosis, treatment selection, and monitoring response to therapy. Evaluate the efficacy, safety, and utility of established, new, and emerging disease-modifying therapies for relapsing-remitting MS. Differentiate the benefits/risks associated with injectable, infused, and oral therapies to guide effective individualized MS treatment decision-making.

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Expires 10/31/17


4.0 Free CEUs- Preventive Health Care

NPWT Preventive Health Care- Screening is an effective method for detecting and preventing acute and chronic diseases. In the United States healthcare tends to be provided after someone has become unwell and medical attention is sought. Poor health habits play a large part in the pathogenesis and progression of many common, chronic diseases. Conversely, healthy habits are very effective at preventing many diseases. The common causes of chronic disease and prevention are discussed with a primary focus on the role of health professionals to provide preventive healthcare and to educate patients to recognize risk factors and to avoid a chronic disease.
4.0 Free CEUs for Nurses


Feeding Choices and Dietary Transitions for Preterm Infants

NPWT Nutritional Needs of Preterm Infants: Feeding Choices and Dietary Transitions- Preterm infants are at risk for poor growth and neurodevelopment. Optimal nutrition is vital to contributing to catch-up growth, however, many low birth weight babies are discharged from the hospital with suboptimal feeding regimens or clinicians and parents are unaware of how to optimize nutrition for preterm infants. This activity will explore formula and breastmilk choices for preterm infants and contrast them with practices for standard term infants. Additionally, special cases will be highlighted that illustrate best practices when transitioning preterm infants to standard term formula and continuing breastfeeding upon return to work. Illustrate differences between preterm and term formulas. Formulate strategies to transition preterm infants to post-discharge feeding practices. Utilize scientific evidence, recommendations by experts and emerging data in infant nutrition to create nutrition care plans that support optimal preterm infant growth. Give examples of healthful diets that link how diet impacts disease. Describe evidence-based diets for late preterm infants, and for infants with milk allergies or with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS).

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Expires 7/29/17
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Nursing Role in Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Incidents

NPWT THE NURSES ROLE IN ACTIVE SHOOTER AND MASS CASUALTY INCIDENTS The purpose of this course is to educate nurses on the preparation and responses required for terrorism events, including active shooters, and mass casualty incidents.  

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Pursuing Advanced Graduate Nursing Education

NPWTAdvanced Practice Nurses: Educational Pathways for the APRN Role- The goal of this program is to provide information on the benefits of and strategies for pursuing advanced graduate nursing education. Discuss the benefits of obtaining graduate nursing education Differentiate between the roles and programs available for a nurse pursuing graduate nursing education Identify barriers to and resources available for pursuing graduate education.

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