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MDRO: An Ongoing Global Healthcare Challenge

NPWT Multidrug Resistant Bacteria An Ongoing Global Healthcare Challenge- Multidrug resistant gram-negative bacteria represent an ongoing global healthcare challenge, with changing epidemiology and resistance patterns resulting in increased morbidity and mortality rates among hospitalized patents. This activity will review the impact of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) and carbapenemase-producing bacteria and present comparative data on current and emerging therapies to develop strategies for initial therapy and optimal outcomes. Strategies to optimize initial antimicrobial therapy for improved outcomes will be provided. Demonstrate an understanding of the molecular epidemiology of antibiotic resistance in bacterial pathogens. Summarize the salient features and critical differences amongst available antibiotics and those in development for use against multidrug resistant gram-negative bacteria. Describe strategies to optimize initial antimicrobial therapy to ensure effectiveness of antibiotics and reduce the development of resistance. Discuss the interventions with the potential to reduce inappropriate use of antibiotics and improve outcomes in patients with resistant bacterial infections.

1.0  Free CEUs for Nurses

Expires 6/30/17

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Treatments for Menopausal Symptoms

NPWT Menopausal Symptoms: Comparative Effectiveness of Therapies- Discuss the comparative effectiveness of different treatments for reducing menopausal symptoms and improving quality of life. Discuss the effects of menopausal hormone therapy preparations on coronary heart disease, stroke, or venous thromboembolism; gallbladder disease; osteoporotic fractures; or endometrial, breast, colorectal, and ovarian cancer. Discuss the effects of nonhormone therapy preparations on coronary heart disease, stroke, or venous thromboembolism; gallbladder disease; osteoporotic fractures; and endometrial, breast, colorectal, and ovarian cancer. Identify factors that affect the applicability of the results of the review.

1.0  Free CEUs for Nurses

Expires 9/23/17


Providing Excellent Palliative Care

NPWT Providing Excellent Palliative Care Describe palliative care and how it differs from hospice care.
Identify four dimensions of assessment and how each dimension impacts the way patients see their health care and impending death.
Discuss ways that nurses can implement at least three simple services to patients and family members.
Explain the Five Wishes document and identify ways it can be implemented into clinical practice.
Discuss at least three components of excellent communication in the care of the seriously ill.

1.5 Free CEUs for Nurses

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Leadership: Coaching in Nursing- 1.6 Free CEUs

Published by The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International and the International Council of Nurses

Nursing Leadership- Coaching in Nursing Workbook-  available to nurses around the world. This tool is a hands-on guide that can be used to teach nurses coaching principles and skills in order to develop individual professional competencies and to improve nurse staffing retention.
 Coaching is an interactive, interpersonal process that supports continuing personal, professional and career development through the acquisition of appropriate skills, actions and abilities that are crucial to professional practice. It offers many benefits to both coaches and those being coached (usually referred to as clients), including improved confidence and autonomy in ones's role, improved job satisfaction and productivity, and the deelopment of new knowledge and skills.
Whether you are a practitioner interested in improving your practice, a leader investigating new systems and programs or a nurse who would like to become or find a coach, this workbook will help you learn:
1. The purpose and scope of coaching
2. When you might need a coach and how to find one
3. Fundamental coaching principles and how to apply them
4. How coaches are prepared and how organisations can use coaching programs

1.6 hours of continuing education (CE) credit is available for Nursing after completing the workbook.

10 Free CEUs- Neonatal Nursing Course

infant handMosby’s Neonatal Nursing Series 7- a collection of 7 lessons from a complete neonatal nursing course developed by neonatal nurse experts for nurses working in the neonatal unit. These lessons offer a blended learning experience that includes interactive online activities that correspond to reading assignments in the e-book provided. Learning is enhanced with video clips, animations, photos, and access to additional resources within the lesson including drug information and the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) Guidelines for Neonatal Nursing Policies, Procedures, Competencies, and Clinical Pathways.
Cardiac-Fetal/Neonatal Circulation
Hematologic: Jaundice/RBC/Platelet Disorders
NICU Environment/Kangaroo Care/Co-Bedding
Pain Management
Palliative Care (End of Life)
Pulmonary System: PPHN/MAS/ECMO
Transition to Home
10.5 Free CEUs for Nurses

4 Free CEUs- Pharmacology Basics

Pharmacology Basics- This course will describe the basic principles of pharmacology, pharmacokinetic processes including absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion, as well as several drug classes and some of the commonly seen drugs within those classes.
The participant will be familiar with the role of receptors related to medications.
The participant will identify the four components of pharmacokinetics.
The participant will be familiar with how medications are classified.
The participant will identify some medications from some commonly seen classifications, as well as their actions, uses, adverse reactions and side effects, contraindications, and implications.

4.0 Free CEUs for Nurses